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Mainers respond to topless coffee shop with mindless arson

Via The Daily Beast, the topless coffee shop in Maine that I mused about a few months ago has been burned to the ground.

Crabtree said he did not have insurance for the Grand View. If necessary, he said, he would be willing to reopen in a temporary mobile trailer on the site of the topless — and now roofless — coffee shop.

Crabtree said his 10 female and three male employees are “in shock.”

I implied objectification in my earlier post, but this stupid act of protest reorients my feelings about this; if it was indeed a business modeled on free expression, not exploitation, then down with the ignorant arsonists of puritanism (and even if it were a crassly sexist enterprise, engaging in criminal activity is obviously completely inappropriate).

Title of this post notwithstanding, I think it is in poor taste for CNN to mock the “roofless” coffee shop, which was also connected to the home of the owner, Donald Crabtree, and his family.  And I can see nothing but prurience in the decision to divulge that a preponderance of the employees happened to be female.

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