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Saddam’s nukes were in France all along

In the midst of humping the perpetual favorite theme of conservatives — the enduring, albeit thoroughly debunked, “axis of evil” — the Wall Street Journal‘s Bret Stephens slips in the fact that Saddam Hussein apparently didn’t get build his still-elusive nuclear weapons from uranium from Niger, but from the French surrender monkeys!

Britain gave France the secret of the hydrogen bomb, hoping French President Charles de Gaulle would return the favor by admitting the U.K. into the European Economic Community. (He Gallicly refused.) France shared key nuclear technology with Israel and then with Iraq. [emphasis mine]

That’s it, no further discussion.  Perhaps there was some cooperation on something vaguely related to nuclear stuff and/or technology between France and Iraq, but the implication of this throwaway sentence — one of a series of throwaways meant to connect “the nuclear daisy chain” (presumably with something even flimsier than daisies) — is that Iraq still has nuclear weapons.  Good to know not only is the Right hewing to the same “axis of evil” canard, but they have not even moved beyond peddling WMD deception in Iraq of all places.

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  1. Also, I think there are right-wing allegations that degenerate married gay couples have given state secrets to Russian pro-abortion terrorist spies who then passed them on to Palestinian socialists via a genetically encoded STD during drug induced sexual experimentation.

    The allegedly transmitted secrets? “Global Warming” is a UN hatched communist plot to allow China and India destroy Israel, rule the world and force us to accept free, but poor-quality healthcare.

    Republican bumper stickers now note this turn of events, followed by “but don’t blame me, I voted against all of those things.”

    Comment by Kenny B. | June 3, 2009 | Reply

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