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George McGovern in the Wall Street Journal

mcgovernI’m not sure whether to praise the Wall Street Journal editorial page’s open-mindedness or condemn its cynical liberal-baiting in giving George McGovern a spot today with a piece that it subtitles “We could defend ourselves with a military budget half the current size.” But I’m inclined to think the latter…Don’t get me wrong, I happen to agree with McGovern — who happens to be hilarious, by the way — on everything he suggests in his “My Advice for Obama” column, but could there be something more likely to galvanize the broad right, more perfectly aligned with conservative anathema, than an op-ed, during brewing crises in Iran, Pakistan, and North Korea, that suggests substantial cuts in the military? As true as it is, it seems to play right into the territory of conservative messaging to argue that the military is bloated and — even invoking 9/11! — that terrorism should be treated as a criminal enterprise, not a military threat.

And it’s as if pushing for America developing the world’s best public transportation system was just added in at the end for conservatives’ to have just one more good poke at poor old George. I mean, he ends the piece with “All aboard!” — even though I agree with him, that makes it seem like a dead giveaway that he was played here.

(image from flickr user Runs with Scissors under a Creative Commons license)

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  1. Weird, he sort of looks like he is trying to do a Nixon impression in the picture.

    Comment by calebward | June 1, 2009 | Reply

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