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Venezuelan democracy bad, Venezuelan leader good

chavezMost people in Venezuela, since they voted in elections for Hugo Chavez, clearly like the “democratic” leader. As long as they are manipulated into doing so, that is:

It should also be noted that Chávez has acquired his extraordinary executive powers — he obviously wants to be president-for-life — through the ballot box. Americans may not like him, but Venezuelans do — a majority of them, at least. However, it’s impossible to overlook his anti-democratic methods of silencing his critics and neutralizing any potential opposition.

It’s impossible to overlook the contradiction in these two sentences from Eugene Robinson’s op-ed today. You can argue that Chavez is popular — an argument that’s fraught with opportunities for attack from the right, unfortunately — or you can focus on the problems and the strongarming present in Venezuelan elections. You can’t really do both, however, without undermining your case from both ends.

(image from flickr user ¡Que comunismo! under a Creative Commons license)


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