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“There is no such place” where Israel can’t bomb

I guess I never really appreciated the extent to which Marty Peretz’s maxim, “Don’t fuck with Israel,” is espoused equally bluntly by Israeli leaders themselves.  Apropos the very bizarre — and under-appreciatedly bizarre — Israeli bombing of a weapons-smuggling convoy in Sudan last month, Ehud Olmert had this to say:

“We operate everywhere where we can hit terror infrastructure — in close places, in places further away. Everywhere where we can hit terror infrastructure, we hit them, and we hit them in a way that increases deterrence,” he said at an academic conference.

“It was true in the north in a series of incidents, and it was true in the south in a series of incidents,” he added. “There is no point in going into detail, and everybody can use their imagination. Those who need to know, know. And those who need to know, know that there is no place where Israel cannot operate. There is no such place.”

Am I allowed to use my imagination to envision such a place?

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