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We torture terrorists like you torture bloggers

Which country could this be?

Over the next seven years he was arrested nine times, imprisoned six, flipped between “official” and secret prisons, surveilled and harassed by the secret police, subjected to endless interrogations, held both in overcrowded cells and incommunicado in solitary confinement (for a total of nine months), beaten while blindfolded and subjected to extreme sensory deprivation.

Only when you torture bloggers.

Only when you torture bloggers, that is.

Well, it’s Bret Stephens writing in The Wall Street Journal, so, you guessed it, it’s gotta be Iran. But forgive me if, after reading Mark Danner’s review of the ICRC reports on CIA black sites, the description didn’t sound strikingly similar to U.S. treatment of the erstwhile “enemy combatants.”

For conservatives, making this comparison naturally means that I am a heretical, terrorist-coddling America-hater. But still, I like to think that they might take some unintentionally perverse solace in the fact that, whereas the Iranian torture described above was applied to a mere blogger, we save our torture for the much bigger (alleged) fish.

(image from flickr user takomabibelot under a Creative Commons license)

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