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The New York Times ponders a horse-dominated world

horsesThe editorial board must have been letting their minds wander

[D]omestication isn’t just the conquering of one species by another. It’s the willing collaboration between two species, a sharing of benefits. There is something in the equine nature — genetic or social — that allowed it to partner with humans, just as there was in the character of dogs.

You might also say that there is something in human nature that allowed us to seek out this partnership. Among all the animal species on this planet, humans have domesticated only a handful. And that fact gives rise to a thought-experiment. What if that genetic or social something had been missing in horses? What if they had remained resolutely wild, refusing the domestic kinship humans tried to impose upon them?

Yeaaaaah…it’s the human-horse connection, maaaaaan!

(image from flickr user Desert Rider under a Creative Commons license)

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