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Pope: condoms don’t stop HIV, friendship does!

popeUh-oh, the Pope is spreading love and good cheer making the HIV problem in Africa much, much worse.

Pope Benedict XVI has said that handing out condoms is not the answer in the fight against HIV/Aids, as he makes his first visit to Africa as pontiff.

No, please your Popeliness…

Speaking en route to Cameroon, he said distribution of condoms “increases the problem”. The Vatican urges abstinence.

Please be silent…

The solution lies in a “spiritual and human awakening” and “friendship for those who suffer”, the AFP news agency quotes him as saying.

Friendship…cures…AIDS?  More blood on papal hands.

(image from flickr user miqul under a Creative Commons license)

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  1. Yay Pope Benedict! Lets listen to his great words of wisdom which shall inspire Common Sense in us all!

    Comment by purecommonsense | March 20, 2009 | Reply

  2. Since when has his oppinion ever effected your decision making? There will be condoms in Africa as long as there is money to buy them, so I dont think you have to worry.

    Comment by Amyann Freberg | March 28, 2009 | Reply

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