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Hotel haters

marriottThe Washington Post published an op-ed extolling the benefits of business travel — particularly that of business travelers staying in hotels.  Particularly that of business travelers staying in Marriott hotels.  Why would someone write such a piece? Because his name is J.W. freaking Marriott Jr., that’s why.

I have no idea what J.W. freaking Marriott Jr. is referring to when he indignantly decries the “attacks on business travel,” the “vilification of business events and travel,” and the “scapegoat[ing of] business travel” that is apparently putting a dent in his good fortunes, but I can only assume he is referring to something like the public outcry over highly-paid corporate executives (such as, I don’t know, J.W. freaking Marriott Jr.) taking swanky vacations and staying in swanky Marriotts hotels. And if that is killing his business, then so be it.

More seriously, I find very disturbing Marriott’s conclusion:

A healthy travel industry is a powerful stimulus and is pivotal to economic activity and growth. Continuing to scapegoat business travel will only hinder recovery. Meetings mean business. Meetings create jobs. If critics want America to lose another million jobs, they should keep talking.

Not that I don’t believe that the travel industry (yes, and even meetings, though I can think of little that is ungodlier in this world) is an important plank in the American economy. But Marriott’s injunction against “talking” about the problems of business travel is like shooting a bystander. Why invade free speech and legitimate criticism when there’s evidently such a vehement and concentrated anti-hotel lobby out to get you?

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  1. My question is: who would be anti-hotel lobby?

    Comment by calebward | March 12, 2009 | Reply

  2. the op-ed wasn’t co-signed by Paris Hilton? For shame.

    Comment by anothergradstudentcliche | March 12, 2009 | Reply

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