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Climate to change to ruin art, in addition to livelihoods

flood-mugVia Blattman comes this consideration of the scarcely considered artistic victims of the climate crisis.  Two dangers loom for art: one, an increase in temperature will lead to an increase in bugs, which, um, like to eat the stuff that art is made on; and two, rising temperatures will make it even more difficult to protect artworks in the museums of tropical nations from heat and humidity.  I agree that these are very salient concerns, among the many unforeseen disasters that global warming will wreak, but I have to disagree with this musing:

There’s a lot of focus on the large-scale effects of climate change – desertification, flooding, etc. But I wonder whether the relentless accumulation of stories of smaller-scale effects is not, in the end, a more effective way of communicating the gravity of climate change.

If folks in places like, I don’t know, Fiji aren’t worried about their homes and entire country being swallowed by floods, then I don’t think the fate of paintings is really going to do it for them.


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