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Flag frenzy

Liberal flags, or conservative flags?

Liberal flags, or conservative flags?

Steve Benen and James Joyner both comment on this jaw-droppingly loony Washingon Times piece accusing President Obama of — get this — surrounding himself with too many American flags. This could mean only one thing, clearly: Obama is subverting the meaning of “Old Glory” in a godless socialist plot to debase America. Benen surmises:

Let’s pause to appreciate how truly ridiculous this is. A newspaper ran an article today about the President of the United States making public appearances with American flags. To bolster the “premise” that this development is newsworthy, the newspaper quotes a lunatic [Michael Savage] who suggested the president is a Communist.

Joyner compiles a nice collection of POTUSes and their flags, but while appropriately identifying the inanity and the pointlessness, respectively, of the article, both bloggers don’t accentuate its self-evident irony nearly enough. A conservative publication is chiding Obama for having too many flags. Perhaps he is not waving it patriotically enough?

(image from flickr user woodleywonderworks under a Creative Commons license)

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