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Drinking water bibles

bibleAid groups face enough illegitimate harrassment from the Sudanese government.  So it doesn’t exactly help their reputations when one of them has stashed thousands of bibles in its office.

[Sudan’s state news agency] said Thirst No More was supposed to be in the war-torn region supplying drinking water. It had “failed to provide justification” for its ownership of so many bibles, North Darfur’s HAC commissioner Osman Hussein Abdalla told the agency.

Clearly, they were going to use the bibles to dig wells to provide drinking water.

And when Sudan asks UN peacekeepers to clear out of a rebel-held town that they are about to attack in which “something will be happening,” it’s probably just because the peacekeepers had too many bibles, too.

(image from flickr user Wonderlane under a Creative Commons license)

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  1. Perhaps they were trying to figure out a water-to-wine reversal equation, and are just very bad at doing research.

    Comment by Kenny B. | February 3, 2009 | Reply

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