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An Isratine elixir

qaddafiHaving already so successfully brought peace to Sudan tacitly supported various rebel groups in Darfur, Muammar Qaddafi, Libyan “leader” and historic regional manipulator, has now set his sights on that grand-daddy of conflicts: “the so-called Middle East crisis.”

He surmises that there are many problems in Israel-Palestine, that both sides have legitimate grievances and territorial claims, and that a two-state solution will be very difficult to achieve.  But, everybody used to live in the area with one name — Palestine — so now maybe what it needs is just a different name.

In absolute terms, the two movements must remain in perpetual war or a compromise must be reached. The compromise is one state for all, an “Isratine” that would allow the people in each party to feel that they live in all of the disputed land and they are not deprived of any one part of it.

Forgive my insouciance, but doesn’t “Isratine” sound more like a creepy artificially flavored beverage than a cure-all for the problems of the Middle East?

(image from flickr user dan.. under a Creative Commons license)


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