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Palin leads Murkowski, who leads Palin

In case the polling preceding Mark Begich’s overwhelming victory sqeak-out over Ted Stevens did not affirm this truism, a current — albeit absurd — poll pitting incumbent Senator Lisa Murkowski against a pitbull Sarah Palin proves once and for all that Alaska polling is, well, extremely fucked up.

murkowskiLisa Murkowski had better hope that Sarah Palin doesn’t elect to run for the Senate in 2010. That’s because a Research 2000 poll conducted two weeks ago for Daily Kos has Murkowski trailing Palin 55-31 among Republican primary voters.

Sarah Palin had better not be so foolish as to challenge Lisa Murkowski. That’s because a Dittman Research poll for the local blog The Alaska Standard shows her losing to Murkowski 58-31 in a prospective primary matchup.

It doesn’t take a guru like Nate Silver to explain this one though; turns out the poll was conducted by a committed Murkowski-phile who makes a habit of posting anti-Palin screeds.  The maxim that anything goes in Alaska politics, however,  is clearly as robust as ever.

(image from flickr user Alaska Youth for Environmental Action under a Creative Commons license)


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  1. What’s interesting though, is that those poll numbers are not percentage points, but actual numbers of Alaskan voters.

    Comment by Kenny B. | January 8, 2009 | Reply

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