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It’s good to watch television news every once in a while…

…if only to remind myself how shockingly inane it is.  On MSNBC this evening, that dude who sits at the table with Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski sometimes the guy who replaced David Gregory on “1600” David Shuster was leading an entirely frivolous conversation about today’s luncheon with Presidents Carter, Bush, Clinton, and Bush, and President-elect Obama — or rather, about the significance of where each of them was standing in the relation to the others.  Finally, he segued into a conversation about Gaza — and how it impacted where each of them was standing in relation to the others.  He concluded with a wry observation about the implications of Clinton’s pre-photo comment to Bush 43 — that he liked the rug in the Oval Office.

It’s a good thing that I don’t watch the teevee more often — I would have too much to hate on.

(Bloggers, by the way, apparently hate lots of things.  Yglesias confirms.)

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