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Yes, it’s cold in the winter

All it takes to publish an op-ed sometimes is to transcribe an amusing conversation about the weather:

Bundle up!

Bundle up!

“Got to be below freezing,” he said, buttonholing me right out of the blue. It turned out he was heading into the gym I’d just departed, which might explain his presumption of intimacy. Or maybe he was simply a loony. Anyway, he went on: “What do you think it is, uh?

“About two degrees,” I offered.

“Minus two, uh?” he asked, suspiciously.

“Plus two, maybe.”

“No, no, no!” His tone was both challenging and aggrieved. I had betrayed him in some way. “Must be below freezing.”

“Cold enough anyway,” I suggested, as a compromise.

“Freezing,” he insisted.

“That’s winter for you,” I persevered, consolingly. “It gets cold.”

He glared at me as though I were a dangerous dissident and walked away.

I’ve experienced similar conversations, if perhaps without so much suspicion, aggrievement, betrayal, and angry glowering.  Usually, though, I’m told something just as obvious, but apparently equally unsatisfying to my interlocutor, as the fact that it’s cold in the wintertime — that I’m from New England.

(image from flickr user Logan Antill under a Creative Commons license)


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