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Don’t meet me at the corner of Wall and Main…

Doesn't look much like Wall St...

Doesn't look much like Wall St...

Vindicated.  The LA Times editorial board concurs that invocation of this non-existent intersection was a (sub)prime example of the “most hackneyed rhetoric” of 2008.

From Wall Street to Main Street. With fists pounding on podiums, many a candidate last year used this phrase to demand that Washington shift its ministrations from fat cats in the financial industry to struggling small-business owners and their employees. The populist line hit the right note as markets seized up and the abstraction of banking distress became a reality for millions of Americans. But by the time the phrase was peppering President-elect Obama’s comments about his economic team and the next stimulus package, we were desperate to visit new metaphorical neighborhoods.

Something tells me, unfortunately, that the mythical residents of Main Street are not going to decrease over the coming year.

(image from flickr user cmaccubbin under a Creative Commons license)

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