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Airplane baby

Professor Blattman nominates the following Ugandan Canadian (literally) airborn[] baby as Baby New Year:

plane-babyA Ugandan woman has given birth to a baby girl on board an international flight from Amsterdam to Boston after going into labour mid-flight.

The six-pound (2.7kg) baby named Sasha was delivered on New Year’s Eve with the help of two doctors on the eight-hour-long Northwest Airlines flight.

Mother and baby were taken to a Boston hospital on landing and are doing well.

Sasha was deemed a Canadian citizen for customs’ purposes because she was born over Canada’s airspace.

This may indeed have been “smart thinking on the mother’s part,” as one commenter joshed, though it does not seem to have been very smart thinking on the part of the airline to let an about-to-deliver mother on to the flight.  And while the baby’s Canadian citizenship is perhaps just for the customs forms, this whole episode seems to demonstrate the silliness of assigning nationality.  Even if Sasha had been born on Canadian soil, what makes her more Canadian than Ugandan?  By an accident of birth, she will derive the benefits of dual citizenship that many can only dream of.  The point is, New Year’s Baby Sasha was not born a Ugandan, or a Canadian, or anything else; she was born a baby.

(image from flickr user Mr. Wright under a Creative Commons license)

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