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The right and the left converge at Starbucks

One of The Village Voice‘s priceless picks for the top ten most insightful analyses ignominious belly flops by right-wing bloggers might hit a little too close to home for us lefties:

Enemy of the right and left alike

Enemy of the right and left alike

#6: The War on Starbucks. For Michelle Malkin, even hot beverages are political. Malkin announced she was giving up Starbucks because they wouldn’t let customers put the phrase “Laissez Faire” on their gift cards, and switched to Dunkin’ Donuts because they were “unapologetic supporters of immigration enforcement.” Then she denounced Dunkin’ Donuts because Rachel Ray wore a keffiyeh in one of their ads, but relented when the ad was pulled. The price of breakfast is eternal vigilance!

Well, the price of everything (particularly freedom) for conservatives is eternal vigilance, but that distinction, I think, is drowned out by overall boycott-happy inclination that this is satirizing.  And when it comes to Starbucks, some Village Voice readers may end up smirking into their independent coffee shop lattes.  And now Dunkin’ Donuts may have to be added to the list of snobbishly-ineffectual-but-morally-gratifying individual boycotts (mine against Exxon-Mobil lasted over six years before…I needed gas.)

via The Opiniator

(image — of a sickeningly sweet gingerbread latte — from flickr user Stuart Bryant under a Creative Commons license)

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