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Loving America…and other wealthy democracies

Joel Stein fesses up to the difference between conservatives’ unrestrained love of America and liberals’ vague “like” of America-esque countries:

Conservatives feel personally blessed to have been born in the only country worth living in. I, on the other hand, just feel lucky to have grown up in a wealthy democracy. If it had been Australia, Britain, Ireland, Canada, Italy, Spain, France, Luxembourg, Belgium, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Japan, Israel or one of those Scandinavian countries with more relaxed attitudes toward sex, that would have been fine with me too.

Stein is being facetious (wait, really?), but his list elucidates something telling about the kinds of countries that priveleged Americans would feel “lucky” growing up in.  Never minding the fact that a few million less fortunate Americans don’t exactly feel “blessed” to be live in such an ecomonically polarized wealthy democracy, I spy very few non-white (or non-Japanese) faces in the countries listed by Stein as acceptably “lucky.”

This is of course not a priori evidence of conscious racism on the part of conservatives, liberals, and/or Stein, but it’s interesting nonetheless.  Personally, I feel fortunate to be born in the United States, but the real element of fortune has to do not with my country, but with my socioeconomic status.  Though it is nice to be born in the greatest country that was ever a country, ever.  Under God.

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