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Everyone who knows about Somalia is named Mark Bowden

Based on the book of those Mark Bowdens

Based on the book of those Mark Bowdens

I had assumed that when The Washington Post commissioned Mark Bowden to write an op-ed about Somalia, it was because he had written a book called “Black Hawk Down,” which then got turned into a popular movie, which subsequently became the lodestar of American policy toward the region.  But then Bowden admitted he hasn’t been to the country since 1997.  And sure, the country is still a mess, anarchy still reigns, and all hell is perpetually on the brink of being loosed (except with pirates this time), but surely readers could use a fresher perspective.  Yes.  And that’s where the other Mark Bowden comes in:

More than $900 million will be needed next year just to avoid famine and disease, according to Mark Bowden (no relation), the U.N. humanitarian and resident coordinator for Somalia. The European Union and the United States have begun to chase pirates more aggressively, but that’s like swatting at bees while ignoring the hive.

This is way too much of a coincidence.

(image from flickr user James Spahr under a Creative Commons license)

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