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God is a bus-riding Facebook user

Michelangelo's painting on the 42 bus

Michelangelo's painting on the 42 bus

Christmas Warriors strike back…at Washington, DC buses.  JoEllen Murphy, God-believer and self-described “stay-at-home mum,” has responded to those vicious anti-religious ads (“Why believe in a god? Just be good for goodness’ sake.”) with her own commandment, which can now be seen driving around the streets of DC:

“Why believe? Because I love you and I created you, for goodness sake – God”

In case God’s personal injunction is not enough to make the heathens believe, then hHis Christian soldiers have gone all 2.0.

I partnered with a non-profit organisation. Two friends designed and manage the website (, and another, a professional graphic designer, created the advert. We even have a Facebook group with over 2,000 members.

And if you don’t friend God, He will smite Poke you wrathfully.

(image from flickr user yosemitewu56 under a Creative Commons license)

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