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Women newspaper readers only care about families

One of Deborah Howell’s year-end ombuds(wo)manly recommendations is for the Post to feature more stories about women and issues that women care about.  To wit, typical motherly stuff:

Opportunities abound, especially on Page 1, to draw in women with stories about families, relationships and parenting. The Post in print has precious little coverage of those topics outside of Style advice columnists. has a blog, On Parenting, and women gravitate to the Web site’s Smart Living page. Women also care about consumer issues, which can get short shrift.

Featuring stories from the stereotypical “women’s sphere” of influence does not seem to be the solution to making the Post a more gender equitable and accessible paper.  I agree much more strongly with Howell’s points about the staggering gap between stories (even, *gasp*, political ones that women readers might be interested in) that feature or quote men and those that include women more robustly.

Or maybe the Post should just replace the front page with a section on flowers.

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  1. flowers or babies. the ONLY way to go… g2g, i spy a baby holding a flower and am instantly drawn in that direction.

    Comment by Estrella | December 22, 2008 | Reply

  2. […] Chances are, Michelle Obama’s responsibilities will include more than flowers and babies. […]

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