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Antidisestablishmentarianism out of a beard

Polly Toynbee knows what the longest word in the English language is:

Mumble mumble mumble

Mumble mumble mumble

Antidisestablishmentarianism is on the march. Which is odd, considering there is only the faintest whiff of disestablishmentarianism to fight. The Archbishop of Canterbury set this hare running with his usual confused mumbling into his beard. To disestablish the church would be “by no means the end of the world”, he said bravely.

I have very little idea what hare she is referring to, but my only question is, if the Archbishop was mumbling so incoherently into his beard, how could one possibly pick out a word like “antidisestablishmentarianism?”

(image of the Archbishop of Canterbury — probably mumbling very long words confusedly into his beard — from flickr user chrisjohnbeckett under a Creative Commons license)


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