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Radio isn’t fair

Conservatives’ paranoid assault against liberals’ non-existent attempts to re-institute the dreaded “Fairness Doctrine” apparently wasn’t enough.  They also needed to solicit liberals to trash the Doctrine that no liberals are even remotely interested in pursuingHere’s Jon Sinton, the President of Air America Radio, in an op-ed in today’s WSJ, tellingly titled “Limbaugh is Right on the Fairness Doctrine”:

Tune your dial to Fairness.

Tune your dial to Fairness.

It never occurred to me to argue for reimposing the Fairness Doctrine. Instead, I sought to capitalize on the other side of a market the right already had built.

When conservative talking heads wave a red flag about the possible revival of the Fairness Doctrine, they know it’s a great way to play the victim and rally supporters. But I’ll let Rush continue with his self-righteous indignation — and if I want, I’ll tune into Rachel Maddow, or one of the thousands of other voices that populate radio today.

That sounds suspiciously like an underhanded attempt to re-instate the Fairness Doctrine, if you ask me.

(image from flickr user The Rocketeer under a Creative Commons license)

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