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Hookups: just like dating, except meaningful

Someone who actually remembers what the whole “dating” scene was really like opines on that brand new “hookup” culture:

Having dated extensively before settling down, I don’t recall ever having a meaningful relationship emanate from the classic dating scene. I hated the time, money and stress invested in this activity, which often led to boredom and disappointment.

True romances came through group interactions within meaningful contexts, including work and other activities. I guess these were “hookup” without yet having that title.

Ignoring the fact that the writer (or the Times‘ editors) still can’t seem to figure out the correct plural of “hookup” (hint: add an “s”), she at least understands that “hookups” represent a natural evolution — one that in many ways, particularly in terms of women’s empowerment, represents a significant improvement over an antiquated and rigid “dating” system.


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