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In case you were wondering how conservatives were going to try to exploit the Blagojevich scandal…

this is how: paint Democrats as the new party of the incorrigibly corrupt and scandal-ridden (never mind who the Grand “old” party of scandal “was”…), attack House leadership (do they really need another phony spike on which to impale Nancy Pelosi?) for its supervision of such turpitude, and (naturally) smear liberalism as the province of deviants and dandies.

I would fear this strategy — as I remain convinced that Mark Foley, Duke Cunningham, Jack Abramoff et al. did more to bring down Republicans in 2006 than Iraq or any other factor — except for two redeeming points: one, at least the recent spate of scandals (if you can even call the downfalls of relative apostasies like Blagojevich and William Jefferson a “spate”) is occurring immediately after an election, instead of before.  And second…we can always count on the GOP to serve up some nice ethical violations in the next couple years.


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  1. Blagojevich has been so successful at making himself and his office look ridiculous that about a million people are now able to remember and maybe even spell his crazy name — that’s sort of like an accomplishment, right?

    Comment by coffee fiend | January 7, 2009 | Reply

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