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Indonesian beer-mergency

Grab an Indonesian Bintang while you still can.

Bintang...your only option in Indonesia.

Josh at Passport sees an impending catastrophe looming in Indonesia.

Indonesia may soon be in danger of running out of alchohol. The Muslim country has only one legal importer and charges sin taxes of up to 400 percent. After a government crackdown on the thriving black market, many bars are on the verge of going dry. With young Indonesians increasingly acquring a taste for drinking, the BBC reports, that might be just what the government wants.

Except it won’t work out as well as the government might hope.  A shortage of beer does not mean that young people stop drinking.  Just look what vodka-deprived Russians are turning to.

Indonesian officials may want to give some of the new South Sudanese lager a try.

(image from flickr user DaVrolik under a Creative Commons license)

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