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Barack Obama to be elected today, thanks to D.C. and Vermont

Courtesy of America’s favorite classically democratic 18th century institution, the Electoral College.

And in case you made the mistake of thinking that it was some little state like Florida or Ohio that pushed Obama over the edge, various states are clamoring over one another to claim the honor.

Hartford claims that “Conn. Democratic electors to formalize Obama vote.”  Albany asserts that “NY electoral college meets to make Obama’s win official.”  Lansing triumphantly announces, “We’re electing the president of the United States today.”  And Maryland’s electors…may not be able to cast their crucial ballots because the State House is closed for repairs.  Oops.

According to this neat map (from flickr user oceandesetoiles under a Creative Commons license), which re-sizes states based on the influence of individual voters, Obama really has D.C. and Vermont electors from the epic swing states of D.C. and Vermont to thank for his upcoming move to the White House.



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