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What first ladies are there for

According to Governor Rod Blagojevich’s website The New York Times, the responsibilities of Illinois first lady Patricia Blagojevich are, you know, all those womanly things.

The Web site for the governor’s office says that in addition to raising the couple’s two daughters, Ms. Blagojevich occupies herself with typical first lady issues: raising awareness on children’s health, food allergies and literacy, and starting the State Beautification Initiative, which planted native wildflowers along state roads.

The portfolio of a first lady

The portfolio of a first lady

“Typical first lady issues” are, according to The Times, raising children, self-State Beautification, and planting flowers.  True, Patricia Blagojevich’s website does list these initiatives…but it describes them as “issues that directly affect the well-being of Illinois’ citizens” — a far cry from prescribing norms.  The “typical first lady” crap is all The Times.  I guess it just made a better story to have the “blast of vulgar language” that emanated from Ms. Blagojevich — I’m not even entirely sure what “hold up that [expletive] Cubs [expletive] … [expletive] them” really means — come from a typically demure first lady with a “very low profile.”  And who takes care of babies and flowers.

(image from flickr user Dazed81 under a Creative Commons license)

(h/t Megan)

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