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Ben Bernanke is hilarious

Economists’ idea of a joke (read to the end to get the full punchline!):

In June, 2005, Bernanke was sworn in at the Eisenhower Executive Office Building. One of his first tasks was to deliver a monthly economics briefing to the President and the Vice-President. After he and Hubbard sat down in the Oval Office, President Bush noticed that Bernanke was wearing light-tan socks under his dark suit. “Where did you get those socks, Ben?” he asked. “They don’t match.” Bernanke didn’t falter. “I bought them at the Gap—three pairs for seven dollars,” he replied. During the briefing, which lasted about forty-five minutes, the President mentioned the socks several times.

tansocksThe following month, Hubbard’s deputy, Keith Hennessey, suggested that the entire economics team wear tan socks to the briefing. Hubbard agreed to call Vice-President Cheney and ask him to wear tan socks, too. “So, a little later, we all go into the Oval Office, and we all show up in tan socks,” Hubbard recalled. “The President looks at us and sees we are all wearing tan socks, and he says in a cool voice, ‘Oh, very, very funny.’ He turns to the Vice-President and says, ‘Mr. Vice-President, what do you think of these guys in their tan socks?’ Then the Vice-President shows him that he’s wearing them, too. The President broke up.”

Get it?  They were all wearing tan socks!  The only thing funnier (besides, well, anything) is that “the President mentioned the socks several times” in a forty-five minute talk, and that he asked Cheney’s opinion of the socks — proving, once and for all, who really wears the socks pants in their relationship.

(image from flickr user noricum under a Creative Commons license)


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  1. “the President mentioned the socks several times”

    This is what the President applied his piercing intellect to as the ominous economic warning signs mounted.

    Comment by Carson Park Ranger | December 3, 2008 | Reply

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