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A flag for each Prime Minister

A flag for each Prime Minister

Like bring down a government.  Non-Conservatives in Canada (you’d think they were a clear majority, wouldn’t you?) are so desperate to topple the reigning Conservative government — the first in something like a century — that they are cobbling together a bizarre coalition of pledges and time limits.

The proposed coalition government between the Liberals and the New Democratic Party would last until June of 2011, but the Bloc [Québécois] is only pledging support for 18 months.

Under the plan, Liberal Leader Stéphane Dion would become prime minister until May, when his successor would take over.

The Bloc will then declare independence for four months, rejoin Canada for another six, and provide the Prime Minister until Conservatives derive a scheme crazy enough to bring down the government. (kidding)

(h/t Stobo)

(image from flickr user 604 Plonker under a Creative Commons license)


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