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The Dutch war on drugs

Yes, using mushrooms “can lead to unpredictable and therefore risky behaviour,” and no, no one wants tripping teenagers jumping off bridges.  But a blanket ban on shrooms — in the Netherlands, probably the last redoubt of legality — is a solution worse than the alleged problem.

mushroom“People will just go picking in the forest, and that can be dangerous. Or they will go to street dealers, and get mixed up with hard drugs,” said David Henriks from the Tatanka shop.

Posters in shops outlined the effects of different types of mushrooms, such as strong visual experiences or feelings described as “body highs.” They also suggested dos and don’ts of consumption, and rated the mushrooms for their intensity.

“It’s always safer to have the information before taking drugs,” said Roy Williams of the Innerspace shop, adding that in the past few weeks people had increasingly been buying “grow your own” mushroom kits in the lead-up to the ban.

But alas, enforcing abstinence is the only way to go.

(image from flickr user jocelyn.aubert under a Creative Commons license)

December 1, 2008 - Posted by | Foreign politics |

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