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Ryanair defends its right to exploit its employees

For an airline, it’s not all about cheap flights.  It should also be about, you know, not encouraging your female flight attendants to pose in suggestive and demeaning poses in a gimmicky “bare all” calendar.

The sexy calendar features Ryanair’s staff posing in skimpy bikinis wielding hoses and sprawling across aircrafts. But worse still the links I received in a promotional email took me to a YouTube soft porn-style video of Ryanair staff being stroked by greased-up men and scintillating camera close-ups.

Ryanair...powered by sexism.

Ryanair...powered by sexism.

Mary Honeyball is a British Member of Parliament who is mounting an admirable crusade to take Ryanair to task for this disgustingly sexist promo tactic.  According to Ryanair’s press release, though, she is “loony UK politician ‘Mad Mary’ Honeyball.”  This same press release offers a brazen “defense” of the calendar’s sexism that is even more offensive than the calendar itself — and perhaps even more galling than the company’s promise to offer free “beds and blowjobs” for business class passengers.

“The ad simply reflects the way a lot of young girls like to dress. We hope the old farts at the Swedish Ethical Trade Council loosen up a little. Ryanair defends the right of Swedish girls to take their clothes off. This is a storm in a D-Cup.”

And I suppose that Ryanair’s punishing union members simply reflects the way a lot of employees like to remain underpaid and subject to their employer’s whims.

(image from flickr user wicho under a Creative Commons license)

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