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Degenerate talk radio hosts

See?  I told you there were even more gag-inducing invocations of the next Hitler.  Eli at firedoglake showcases the incomprehensible bluster of conservative radio schizoid Michael Savage:

Well, socially, we’re far worse — more degenerate than Weimar Germany. At least in Weimar Germany, men couldn’t marry men and women couldn’t marry women. So we’re probably 10 leagues below the degeneracy that brought about Hitler. We’re probably 50 leagues below the degeneracy that brought about Hitler. We are the sickest, most disgusting country on the earth, and we are… psychotic as a nation.

Got that? The fact that there was opposition to Prop 8, that there are actually people who – gasp – believe that gay people should have the same right as everyone else, means that we are the most degenerate country in the world, and that the moral backlash from righteous people like Michael Savage will almost certainly lead to the second coming of Adolf Hitler. Awesome.

Never mind the rank fallacy of the thesis that it was Weimar Germany’s “degeneracy” that led to the ascension of the National Socialists.  “Degenerate” (entartete) was, of course, the word favored by…you guessed it…Hitler, to express his own rabid intolerance.  So who really most resembles Hitler here, Michael Savage?

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