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Liberal fascist hypocrites

Jonah Goldberg may have a problem with “liberal fascist” education majors from Brown and Swarthmore, but he’s all for a good liberal hypocrite.

The Obamas will send their two daughters to the expensive private school, Sidwell Friends. Yes, that makes him something of a hypocrite because he is a vocal opponent of giving poor kids anything like the same option.

Sidwell Friends School...where Democrats' children learn about hypocrisy

Sidwell Friends School...where Democrats' children learn about hypocrisy

To hear Goldberg tell it, the parents of every “poor kid” in Washington — a strong conservative constituency if there ever was one — would be sending their children to Sidwell, the pockets of each stuffed with Republican-bestowed vouchers.  In Goldberg’s simplistic morality tale, supporting a school voucher system is “good,” while not doing so is “bad.”  However, Goldberg’s ethical wires get crossed when he must acknowledge his belief that sending one’s kids to private school is “good,” and making them enroll in DC’s public school “hellholes” is “bad.”  Solution?  One out of two ain’t bad, and better be a “hypocrite” than support two “bad” alternatives.

(As an aside, I think Goldberg’s characterization of Sidwell — an extremely diverse Quaker school that could not be further from Goldberg’s white elitist bogeyman private school — is grossly misleading.  I’ll trust my Sidwell friends to back me up on that one.)

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