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Good TNR posts merely distract from its true neocon agenda

I enjoy reading The New Republic. Like any publication, I agree with some pieces, and disagree with others.  Its editorial perspective can be too hawkish for me at times, and I can understand why many liberals are still bitter over TNR‘s infamous support for the Iraq war.  But firedoglake’s Jane Hamsher surely goes over the top:

Pushing out neocon propaganda isn’t some sideline, some wacky eccentricity of Marty Peretz.  That’s what The New Repubic is there for.  It’s why the bills get paid, why the lights are on.  If any good journalism gets done there it’s purely by accident.


Why do Franklin Foer and others continue to slap a coat of respectability on a publication whose raison d’être is the perpetuation of essentially corrupt, disgraced, intellectually dishonest and venal propaganda?

You can only cash a paycheck from a vicious, race-baiting Neocon house organ whose business model is perpetual Middle East warmongering for so long and still look at yourself in the mirror.

The oddest part about Hamsher’s polemic is that she segues into it after mentioning a piece in TNR that she liked.  But this — and every other piece of quality journalism that TNR editors produce — is evidently just “a sideshow” to the magazine’s nefarious purpose.  The source of Hamsher’s unrestrained contempt — besides her derisive conviction that TNR‘s cover merely conceals the “Joe Lieberman Weekly [Bi-weekly]” — is the fact that TNR is owned by a Canadian company called CanWest.  CanWest, evidently, is also simply a megaphone for neocon propaganda.

Setting aside the likelihood that Hamsher is exaggerating the odiousness of CanWest’s offenses, the basic structure of her argument is rather flimsy.  Consider: she reads a post she likes; uses said quality (but surely aberrational) post to trash the publication for whom the editor in question writes; smears the publication by its association with a larger publishing company; excoriates this company for having published a fabricated article in a different publication; and then says…um…that’s what TNR does too.  I have a feeling this was supposed to be a circle to begin with.

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