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Goodbye to the hack

George Packer wisely urges The New York Times not to re-hire columnist Republican party hack William Kristol.  After exposing Kristol as a “a Republican strategist with various public platforms” (read: party hack) who offered “not one memorable sentence, not one provocative thought, not one valuable piece of information,” Packer turns to Kristol’s ideology (if there is even a coherent one).

He wrote badly because his world view had become problematic at best, untenable at worst, and he had spent too many years turning out Party propaganda to summon the intellectual resources that a difficult situation required.

Another reason that Kristol wrote badly, though, is that he wrote badly.  I have no problem with someone with a wacky worldview penning a column in the Times — as long as they make a good argument.  Kristol did not make good arguments, and, worse, he did not even seem to try, producing such transparent propaganda that it was difficult to even take his arguments seriously.

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