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Coattails to Nowhere

When I wrote that “Sarah Palin’s coattails of corruption” were helping incumbent Senator lawbreaker Ted Stevens in Alaska, I was, naturally, expressing disappointmentThe Wall Street Journal, though, finds an even better reason to lament celebrate Palin’s notoriously expensive coattails: Congressman Don Young, earmarker extraordinaire and the original architect of the infamous Bridge to Nowhere.

Other pork-hunters that Palin has helped get elected?

Other pork-hunters that Palin has helped get elected?

While the actual counting of ballots in Alaska appears to have Stevens headed out the door — and hopefully straight to jail without passing “Go” — Young’s malfeasance will be rewarded with another two years of hauling pork to his waiting constituents.  Palin’s presence on the ballot did probably help bring out more Republican voters in Alaska, but the implication that the 18-term Young is better equipped to funnel money into the state also assuredly played a large role in his re-election.

The WSJ editorial focuses on the wonders that Palin’s popularity as governor did for the other two GOP candidates, but really, these two factors — Palin’s popularity and the promise of pork — are inextricably linked.  Palin is popular in Alaska precisely because she was able to send checks to every citizen; Young’s continued run in Congress is premised on his ability to do an only slightly less literal version of exactly the same thing.

(photo from flickr user smiteme under a Creative Commons license)


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