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Unilaterally imposed ceasefires always work (especially at stopping genocide)

Finally, a real breakthrough from the peace-loving leaders of Sudan:

Sudan’s President Omar Hassan al-Bashir has announced an immediate ceasefire in the Darfur region of western Sudan.

He also said his government would start disarming militias and restrict the use of weapons among armed forces.

Because if there’s one thing that’s really helped stop five-plus years of genocide, it’s empty promises to disarm the janjaweed.  Once again, though, this is a shrewd — if transparent — p.r. move on the part of Bashir.  If you declare a ceasefire that the other side does not accept, then they will naturally not be inclined to cease firing.  Then you can conveniently pin the blame on breaking the “agreement” on the rebels and simultaneously demonstrate your credentials as an eager negotiator.

The Western press is already reporting this sham as a “significant step forward.”  The only real step taken, of course, was by Bashir’s propaganda machine, with a footfall that echoes with menacing mendacity.


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  2. this ceasefire was broken, later an attack was carried out to the people that the government of Sudan aims at. I am really feel sorry for the people who carried out the attack, they are animals, cannot be considered as humans. Instead of ranting more, I have decided to help The Emma Academy Project
    , and that help will be the building of a school in Leer, Sudan.

    Comment by mandino | December 18, 2008 | Reply

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