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Harry Reid plays V.

Even though I disagree with just about the entirety of its substance, I have to give The Wall Street Journal creativity points for titling this editorial “(D.) for Vendetta” (that or I just love the film).

The editorial’s premise is that Democrats are using Tuesday’s election results as an excuse to flaunt their true radical left-wing colors (uhh, blue?) by nudging out two centrist Democrats one climate change legislation-impeding Democrat and one Republican president-supporting Independent.

Even if the mild reproach to Lieberman and the challenge for John Dingell’s long-held committee chair did constitute a leftist retrenchment, I see nothing astonishing about using a solid majority and an electoral mandate to ensure that the party’s leadership better represents its ideology.  Plus, if Democrats were indeed planning on filling a metro with explosives and directing it toward the Capitol, they missed their chance: Guy Fawkes Day was the day after the election.

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