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Happy criminal hours


A group of MPs has called for a ban on cheap drink promotions in bars and pubs. They claim the ban would reduce drunken misdemeanors, as police forces are currently diverting significant resources into alcohol-related crime.

This is Prohibition-esque folly at its worst.  Happy hour specials are responsible for crime about as much as a sale on shoes is responsible for jaywalking.  Memo to MPs from a far more puritanical country: let honest pub-going Brits stay happy and keep drinking their pints.

(image from flickr user Bejan under a Creative Commons license)

November 10, 2008 - Posted by | Brittania


  1. […] it seems the Brits are just upset that they might not be able to get good happy hour specials at home for too much longer.  If the Russians can make do without […]

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  2. […] contraire On the contrary, my good British friends. Instead of cutting back happy hours (what could more obviously decrease happiness?), the British government should invest some more […]

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