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Out of the heat, into the lake

Even as she compares Joe Lieberman’s treacherous antics in support of John McCain to “squirrels breaking into your house and setting fire to the sofa” (except not even succeeding), Gail Collins still believes that Democrats and Republicans should kiss and make up.  The vitriolic attacks that made this one of the dirtiest campaigns ever, Collins tut-tuts, can be seen, now that tempers have cooled, as merely unfortunate excesses of election-addled politicking.  Her whitewash is staggering.

Sure, it was an intense campaign. Of course, regrettable things were said in the heat of the moment.

Note the passive voice.  “Regrettable things were said.”  By whom?  By both sides equally?  Merciless personal attacks, racial and xenophobic insinuations, brazen slander, and thinly veiled contempt — these fundamental attributes of the McCain campaign were not merely “regrettable;” they were deeply damaging to an emerging politics and society of reconciliation, and the scars they have left are sad testament to the divisive animus of a large swath of the population, a sentiment of fear and loathing so ruthlessly exploited by the Republican Party.

This was more than simply an “intense campaign,” and its bitter salvos were more significant than the barbs uttered during a family argument at the dinner table.  I don’t think Lindsey Graham should be thrown in a lake, but neither should Democrats be handing him a towel.

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