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Only loser conservatives lose

Kudos, I suppose, to National Review editor Rich Lowry for giving a (mostly) honest critique of the repudiation of the right in Tuesday’s elections.  However, leaning heavily on the immortal fallacy that America is indisputably “a center-right country,” Lowry has a rather interesting take on the history of Republican electoral defeats.

They’ve had bad election nights before. Barry Goldwater won all of six states in 1964. But that election marked a new conservative ascendancy within the GOP that was a harbinger of victories to come. Democrats swept congressional races in 1974 and elected Jimmy Carter in 1976. But that was a reaction to the malfeasance of Richard Nixon, a president whom conservatives never truly considered one of their own. Bill Clinton won in 1992, but with only 43 percent of the vote and over an incumbent Republican, George H.W. Bush, whom conservatives had already repudiated.

So, basically, those conservatives lost because they were sucky conservatives to begin with.  Who the “conservatives” who make these up-or-down decisions are, though, is a little unclear.  So while these establishment conservatives had conveniently already abandoned rejected the likes of Goldwater, Nixon, and Bush before their downfalls, Lowry awkwardly criticizes the hold that the pro-tax cuts wing of the party exerted on John McCain, the latest faux conservative victim.

At least Sarah Palin has four more years to prepare to be thrown under the bus snowmobile.

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