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WaPo succumbing to Fox News-ification?

The Washington Post‘s ombudsman, Deborah Howell, promises that, both to moderate its coverage and to succeed financially in “the hyper-competitive news world,” the Post will need to work on correcting the “imbalance” in its “liberal” coverage.  Not only does this further the baseless — yet indestructible — meme that “America is a center-right nation;” it also reflects a shockingly distorted view of the news media’s purpose.

I’ve complained before that the media has a responsibility to “cover negatives negatively.”  Glenn Greenwald — and I feel no qualms about not “balancing” Greenwald’s liberalism by also quoting a conservative pundit here — reminds us that truth is also important.

What if the actual facts — i.e., “reality” — are consistent with the views of “the hard-core left” and contrary to the views of the “hard-core right”?  What if, as has plainly been the case, the conservatives’ views are wrong, false, inaccurate?   What if the McCain campaign was failing and relying on pure falsehoods and sleazy attacks, and The Post’s coverage simply reflected that reality?  It doesn’t matter.  In order to sell more newspapers, according to Howell, The Post’s news coverage must shape itself to the Right and ensure that “their views [are] reflected enough in the news pages”…

In Howell’s view, The Post shouldn’t determine its news reporting based on what is factually true.  Instead, it should shape its coverage to please this discredited, failed political movement — in order to sell more papers.  That corrupt formula is, of course, what is now meant by “journalistic balance” — say what both sides believe and take no position about what is true — and it is precisely that behavior which propped up this incomparably failed and deceitful presidency for so long.


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  2. […] Again, I’m left to wonder, what’s the point of an ombudsman taking the paper to task for not covering “the issues” more when these issues should include guilt-by-association smearing and frenzied panicking about having tried “a little blow?”  Oh yeah — to sell more papers. […]

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