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The three most disappointing outcomes of last night

Barack Obama’s victory was huge, heroic, and historic.  And Democrats expanded their lead in the Senate and picked up at least 25 19 House seats.  All good things.  But in an electoral season of high expectations, a few notable failings leave a sour — and ominous — taste in my mouth.

sad-face11. Proposition Eight.  Apparently more Californians are into “deciding what’s best for everyone else” than justice and equality.  Honestly, California — be more like Massachusetts, please.

2. Ted Stevens.  The coattails of Sarah Palin’s corruption seem to have buoyed the appeal of Stevens to the notoriously pork-loving Alaskans.  That, or maybe Stevens just promised voters that they’d all get new decks on their houses if they voted for him.

3. Al Franken and Jeff Merkley.  The former because he would might provide a fresh voice in the Senate and would eliminate one of the most persistent obstacles to stronger U.S. support for the UN.  The latter at least because I want my roommate’s name to be the same as that of a Senator (plus a “y”).

UPDATE: Nate Silver explains that perhaps “[c]onvicted felons are the new black.”


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