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The enduring power of “Yes we can!”

Leading hoarse chants during last night’s incredible celebrations, I pledged my allegiance to the creed of “Yes we can!”  Why eschew the more triumphalist past tense of “Yes we did!”?  It’s not that we weren’t celebrating an accomplishment; by all means, this was a confirmation of what we were able to achieve.  But the entire point of Obama’s candidacy — and his presidency — is the ethos of yes, we can.

Last night, at 2 am, Barack Obama’s campaign sent an email to supporters.  The email announced the victory, but it also had the gall to ask for a donation.  The campaign may be over, but the movement — the sentiment — is not.  It has always been about gall — about the gall of hope, the gall to challenge, the gall to push the limits of what was thought achievable.

This is what we fight for.  This is what we celebrate.  And this is what we continue to believe.


November 5, 2008 - Posted by | U.S. politics |

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