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Liberals are not overstating the degree of racism in the United States when we admit that, if Barack Obama loses this election, we won’t be able to help but wonder if it was because he is black.  Jim Hoagland boils the question down to its most, if you will, black and white:

But when the last ballots are counted, that will not stop a judgmental world from using one criterion above all to analyze the outcome: Did the United States elect a black president or not?

“Am I a white man in a red state voting for a black president, or a blue man in a white state voting for a green president?”  by Drew Dernavich

This is, in one sense, a hypothetical — and not particularly useful — exercise in teleology.  But if these are the standards, then our analysis will have to abide by them.  Obviously, the reality is more complicated  — there are many colors involved (see cartoon), and Obama may or may not be “post-” any of them.  The answer to Hoagland’s Wednesday-morning question, though, can only be yes or no; it cannot be “post-yes” or “post-no.”


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