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“Failed Republican policies”

As much as I agree, there is something slightly disingenuous in the Democratic talking point that — to paraphrase — “we’ve tried eight years of Republican policies, and they’ve failed.”  It’s not that these policies — the most commonly cited being deregulation, tax cuts for the wealthy, and trickle-down economics — haven’t failed over the past eight years; it’s that they’ve always been wrong.  We have not “tried” Republican policies (we all of course remember the stolen 2000 election); they’ve been forced upon us.

Moreover, we have to admit — the economic crisis is convenient for Democrats.  The Bush administration — and its “tried” and failed Republican policies — undoubtedly bears responsibility for the financial meltdown, but the effect of policies on the economy is both delayed and disparate.  So condemning Republican policies is both natural and legitimate, but it is above all an expedient political strategy.

November 2, 2008 - Posted by | Conservatives, U.S. politics

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