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Fashion and politics

Maybe fashion isn’t as frivolous a subject as I assumed.

[Cindy McCain’s and Michelle Obama’s] style choices offer a clear commentary on where their respective husbands and parties stand. To examine the prospective first ladies’ wardrobes is thus not to ignore “the important issues” in America today; it is, on the contrary, to confront the vast differences between Senators John McCain and Barack Obama – differences in values and vision that define this campaign and will determine its winner.

Think of this dress in the voting booth...

Think of this dress in the voting booth...

This seems a little tendentious.  Analyzing the two candidates’ wives’ style for signs of their husbands worldviews only seems possible when you already know these worldviews.  Still, it’s a good, albeit basic, point that, if you take the think-of-this-face approach to voting that George W. Bush Will Ferrell advises, your mind’s eye probably (hopefully) also conjures up what the McCains and the Obamas are wearing.  Significantly, of course, analyses of the husbands’ style probably do not generate as much discussion — a fact of which Sarah Palin’s cosmetic entourage was clearly aware.


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